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Cooking over an open fire is the oldest and most primitive method of cooking known, with glowing red flames and smokey embers mostly lending themselves to frying, grilling and boiling. Our course will give you the knowledge to cook all sorts of food from snacks to impressive dinners using wood fires. We will give you the techniques of successful fire building and the trick of getting it to light first time!


Cooking with fire is an excitingly elemental skill that can produce great food in the outdoors. This day long course will explore some of the many cooking techniques available to us when cooking with flames and coals.


The morning will be spent learning how to build, light, control and maintain a cooking fire. We will teach you about wood selection for different fires, fire


lays for different cooking techniques and some different methods of starting a fire first time. Our morning snack and lunch will be cooked over an open fire with Dutch ovens, using newly acquired skills.



During the afternoon there will be a session looking at backwoods cookery using the minimum of equipment. We will prepare a pit and teach you how to use this method to cook a variety of dishes. The emphasis of this course is on using different techniques to create new and interesting meals in the great outdoors. Whatever your level of expertise this course will give you confidence and skills in fire building, fuel choice and cooking. Small game preparation available, Rabbit, Pheasant etc. Details on request.




Individual cost £70


Group Bookings £500 Maximum of 10


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