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Welcome to Woodlands Edge we offer a host of training and outdoor activities.

We work closely with schools and youth groups across Herefordshire and the West Midlands. We provide individually tailored courses for young people and adults to deliver a quality woodland learning experience. Our programme aim is to enrich the curriculum, boost self-esteem and help learners reach their potential through positive engagement with the education process, increasing confidence, group awareness, healthy activity and fun. Woodlands Edge prides itself on its committed, friendly and experienced staff team. The aim of all the staff team is to provide everyone who visits a positive and special experience that will last a lifetime..



Most of us know a stroll outside on a sunny day is a great up lifting experience. Now it may also be just what the doctor ordered. The benefits of nature for both body and soul are finding their way to the prescription pad as more health care providers are prescribing a dose of nature to their patients. For many vulnerable groups needing extra support and even those effected by trauma, being immersed in a ‘wild’ setting and connecting with nature can provide an alternative treatment and provide many with a place of solace. All Forest School sessions are run by our qualified Forest School level 3 practitioner and all instructors are first aid qualified and hold a current DBS.



Forest School lends itself perfectly to children and adults with additional learning difficulties. By the very nature of the natural setting participants generally feel calmer and less inhibited to learn. Every session takes into account individual and group needs, learning ability, styles of learning and stages of development. A suitable programme can be discussed and formulated with teachers/carers and adapted to specific needs.


Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to look at any specific Forest School programme. For more information or to receive a copy of our Forest School handbook go to our contact page.


Cooking over an open fire is the oldest and most primitive method of cooking known, with glowing red flames and smokey embers mostly lending themselves to frying, grilling and boiling. Our course will give you the knowledge to cook all sorts of food from snacks to impressive dinners using wood fires. We will give you the techniques of successful fire building and the trick of getting it to light first time!


Cooking with fire is an excitingly elemental skill that can produce great food in the outdoors. This day long course will explore some of the many cooking techniques available to us when cooking with flames and coals.


The morning will be spent learning how to build, light, control and maintain a cooking fire. We will teach you about wood selection for different fires, fire


lays for different cooking techniques and some different methods of starting a fire first time. Our morning snack and lunch will be cooked over an open fire with Dutch ovens, using newly acquired skills.


During the afternoon there will be a session looking at backwoods cookery using the minimum of equipment. We will prepare a pit and teach you how to use this method to cook a variety of dishes. The emphasis of this course is on using different techniques to create new and interesting meals in the great outdoors. Whatever your level of expertise this course will give you confidence and skills in fire building, fuel choice and cooking. Small game preparation available, Rabbit, Pheasant etc. Details on request.



Individual cost £70


Group Bookings £500 Maximum of 10



Give your team the opportunity to develop their critical business and teamwork skills through a series of classic and effective team building challenges. This fresh and unique programme set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside overlooked by the famous Black Mountains will both test and develop your team’s essential business skills including: strategic thinking, time management, effective decision making and communication.


Benefits of Woodlands Edge Team building Programmes


  • Have fun with positive and motivational results

  • Build a spirit of cooperation and involvement

  • Observe how different team roles and styles are necessary for successful teams

  • Recognise the importance of time management and realistic goal setting

  • Operate in systems consistent with company values

  • We employ a range of communication styles to maximise results

  • See how expectations can influence outcomes

  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment


Woodlands Edge Birthday Parties

Our Woodland Birthday Parties last either two or four hours. We recommend the 2 hour party for younger children. Depending on the choice of activities the youngsters will have the opportunity to experience an array of exciting woodland activities. As with all our woodland experiences, the children are given a clear and concise health and safety brief before and whilst in the wood. Parents are very welcome to bring along anything simple that can be cooked on our campfire as we do not supply the party food however this can be arranged at an extra cost. We normally recommend BBQ pre-cooked sausages or hot dog sausages, burgers and bread rolls.


We also have a dedicated veggie grill and tools. Children often bring marshmallows for dessert! We endeavor to conclude the Woodland Birthday parties with traditional woodland games. Our woodland parties are for up to 15 youngsters although more can attend if pre-arranged. We ask at least one adult to stay at the party, though would request more for children aged 7 – 8 years. Bookings can be made via either email or telephone. We would kindly ask for parents to let us know about any health problems or dietary requirement the children may have and to give us an emergency contact number for each child attending.






Woodlands Edge Birthday Parties

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